2014-15 Director’s Bulletin No. 1

By Dennis Morris

Throughout the season when unusual things happen or just reminders, I will post an update to help us all be on the “same page”. Special thanks to Frank Vitt for assisting in this endeavor!

  1. We need to do a great job of making sure teams are wearing proper apparell. Need to be one color. Take care of this now at ALL LEVELS. You don’t want to have to inforce this midway in the season and the team’s usual response is; “well, we have been wearing this all season and no one has said anything.”
  2. We had a dunk last night in pregrame where a player threw the ball with force thru the basket. Know the defenition of a dunk. Reminder, a technical foul on player (which counts towards his 5), plus team foul, plus coach loses his coaching box privilege and an indirect technical foul on the coach.
  3. Had an intentional foul on a player who then was injured and couldn’t shoot the free throw. Who is supposed to shoot free throw ? any player or the sub for the injured player. Rule 8 Section 2. Check it out.
  4. While a team was shooting a free throw, I heard what sounded like a whistle come from the student section. I later found out that it was a student who whistled with his lips. Is this still legal ? Is there a rule that states you cannot simulate a sound of a whistle.
  5. Point of Emphasis: Do a great job of keeping hands off of dribblers. Get this early and it will clean itself up usually for the rest of the game.