2014-15 Director’s Bulletin No. 3

By Dennis Morris

Happy New Year!

As we gear up for the most competitive part of the season, here are a few items that have been brought up recently and reminders regarding them, Please review with your partners in your upcoming pregames:

1. Contact with swinging elbow in the head/neck area. There has been no change in the interpretation. This type of contact is still to be ruled an intentional foul at a minimum and flagrant if excessive and warranted. There is a misconception that this can now be just called a player control foul. That is INCORRECT. This is still an intentional foul. It was not listed as a point of emphasis this year but that does not mean the rule changed. It is covered by rule under the expanded definition of an intentional foul, 4-19-3-d, and to be deemed “excessive contact with an opponent.”

2. For our newer officials and a reminder to the veterans, please review the OHSAA policy regarding a team circling the floor during the pregame. Hopefully, problems can be avoided with preventative officiating as the team enters the floor. If warranted, a technical foul can be assessed. This would be deemed to be unsporting, an indirect T to the head coach and loss of coaching box. Please click here to view the policy from a previous year’s preseason guide.

3. Use of whistle. Reports from observers around certain parts of the state indicate that there is an increase in indiscriminate use of the whistle again. Please recall that the policy for the past four seasons is:

– no whistle for subs. The scorer/timer is responsible to blow the horn to announce a sub. This does not need to be routinely followed by a whistle
– no whistle at the end of a period. The horn/red light signals the end of a period, not your whistle
– no whistle before routinely inbounding the ball

Appropriate use of the whistle would be:

– at the beginning of a period
– when resuming play after a time out with a throw-in. Note: it is not necessary to blow the whistle before a FT following a TO.
– when resuming play after some other prolonged or unusual delay

Here is a play that oftentimes can be confusing or missed. A has the ball and is dribbling. B knocks the ball away and in a scramble for the loose ball, A pushes B and obtains a foul. Team B is in the bonus. Do we shoot free throws? Answer is no. There was no player control of the ball but we still have team control and most important it was an offensive foul. * You will never shoot free throws for an offensive foul.
This play has happened a few times this year and has been missed. Take your time to get it correct.

Handling coaches: Don’t ignore. Answer questions, don’t respond to comments. Be professional and expect the same from a coach.