2015 Tournament – Bulletin # 1

By Dennis Morris

Tournament officials,

The regular season is almost complete and the first OHSAA Tournament games start Thursday, February 18. Attached is the first bulletin you will receive emphasizing items that the crew should be covering in the pre game. The first is officiating in the lead position. Please note that you should work parallel with the baseline. Also it has been observed that some officials are turning sideways on a shot and bailing towards the sideline and leaving the rebounding area open resulting in fouls being missed. Please stay parallel and remain on the baseline to see the whole play.

The other item on the powerpoint involves starting wider on the baseline and mirroring the ball in your primary. Too many officials are going directly to the “closedown “ position and therefore limiting their vision.

The items in the lead powerpoint are nothing new, but the guidelines which hopefully will put you in the right position at the right time to make the right call.

Special thanks to Jim Berry for allowing me to “borrow” his material.

Best Wishes to all down the tourney trail.

Please click here to download the bulletin.