Supplemental Pre-Game Conference Topics

By Dennis Morris

  1. During warm-ups, try to identify a starting player that you can say a few words to and make your ‘Pal,” in the event you need an ally during the game.
  2. I will never administer a throw in without eye contact with you.
  3. I will not sound my whistle to beckon a substitute.
  4. We will be certain that the arrow is set correctly, each time it should be changed.
  5. When I call a foul, I will always designate the throw-in spot or tell you the shooter’s number before I report the foul.
  6. If we have a double whistle, we will first remember that seldom does anything occur at the precise same time and the allow the proper official to make the call.
  7. There will be no “automatic” blocks in this game. we will focus on the defenders and make the correct call.
  8. During free throws, the trail official will get in position to officiate rebounding situations.
  9. When approaching a coach for a conversation, put yourself in the coach’s position (empathy), then proceed.
  10. If necessary to discuss an issue, smiling is fine, but no laughter.
  11. During the last 2-3 minutes of the game, one of us will have eye contact and/or confirmation with the table personnel.
  12. We will always alert each other as we approach the bonus situations.
  13. We must be aware of the number of timeouts remaining.
  14. Anticipate when a coach is likely to call a timeout.
  15. When the final horn and whistle sounds, look to the table to be sure there is no controversy.