Not allowing substitute in

By Dennis Morris

We had an inadvertent whistle by one of the officials in a tied game and the team had their best player at the table to go in. We did not allow for the sub since it was our mistake and having the player in could affect the outcome of the game and he wouldn’t have been in the game. What is the proper way to handle this situation?

You are correct there is no specific coverage for this situation in the rule book. I am fine with the way you handled it. It certainly seems like the fair thing to do considering the time of game and circumstances. If this occurred in the first quarter, I would then say bring the sub in and play on. I also feel I can support your decision with 2-3. When you have an IW, there is no way to totally undo things and make everything even, one team or the other is going to get at a minimum slightly disadvantaged, but, these things do happen.