Faking excessive contact

By Dennis Morris

A1 swings his elbow in the direction of B1. B1 goes down holding his face like contact was made. One of the officials has an Intentional Foul, but his partner comes in and has definite knowledge that there was no contact made, and B1 flopped. Do we have the authority to take away the Intentional Foul (Downgrade). Do we have a Technical Foul on B1 for Flopping? Do we resume play at point of interruption like it was an inadvertent whistle?

There is no problem with downgrading to common foul if (after crew consultation) foul is deemed to be below the head/neck or no foul as in the scenario you described. This is exactly what takes place. It is a crew call and goal is to get it correct. The opposite is also true: common elbow foul called and then partner has definite knowledge that foul was to the head, we should elevate to intentional.

In summary, you could have a T for flopping, just like faking a charge. And, if we wiped the foul out totally, just treat like inadvertent whistle and resume at point of interruption.