Free throw violation

By Dennis Morris

After the release of a free throw, defender B1 moves into the lane from a marked lane space. B1 then moves to “box out” the free throw shooter, crossing the free throw line in the process. According to a ruling by the IAABO, and a previous rule in the NFHS, this is a violation, as B1 is not allowed to cross the free throw line until after the ball hits the rim or backboard. The intention of the rule is to protect the free throw shooter, as he/she is not allowed to move into the lane upon the release, like the defender can. Was this left out of the rule this time around by the NFHS on purpose, or was it an accident?

I cannot speak for the NFHS rules committee however there is no provision for the action described to be a violation in the current rules. I do not feel there is any rules coverage to support the IAABO ruling and this would not be applicable to OHSAA sponsored games. However, if the contact is significant while attempting to “box out” the shooter, a personal foul could certainly be considered.