Leg Compression Sleeves

By Dennis Morris

I had a boys varsity game where the players had sleeves on their legs with the “turtle-shell” padding. The sleeves were not all the same color, i.e., one was black, another white, another blue. Prior to the start of the game, the players wore the sleeves down around their calves. The players were instructed that if they wore the sleeves as knee pads, our crew would not have any concern about the multiple colors since there is no restriction on the color of knee pads. All but one player wore the sleeves as knee pads. One player wore his white padded sleeves on his calves.

By giving them an “out” all you did was make it more difficult for officials following you to enforce the rule. I would hope that all understand the intent of the rule is to create uniformity. Essentially you are encouraging the NFHS to now make a rule for knee pads, next will be elbow. Where do you want it to end? Let’s enforce these for what they are, “sleeves”, as you state in your opening sentence and comply with matching colors. Also remember they are only to be worn for medical reasons. I think we all know the difference between a sleeve and the traditional knee pad. Let’s not try to muddy the waters anymore.