2013 – Quiz 2

By Dennis Morris

This is Quiz 2 of the 2013-14 baseketball season. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

1. A1 enters the game with an:

A) excessive manufacturer’s logo on his head band
B) excessive school logo on his jersey
C) an illegal arm sleeve
D) compression shorts that go beyond the game shorts and beyond the knees
E) an excessive logo on his/her socks

What do we do in each of these cases?

2. As the R is about to throw the jump ball it is discovered that a Team A starter number is incorrectly listed in the score book. Later on in the game it is discovered that a Team A substitute has the wrong number listed in the scorebook. How do we begin the game? Posession, AP Arrow? What do we do about the wrong number of Team A substitute.

3. Team B requests a time-out. At the end of the TO as the players are entering the court, B1 curses at an official. What type of infraction do we have? How is it applied? This foul is counted toward what? Why?

4. B1 dunks over A1 and then taunts. A1 retaliates and punches B1. How will we proceed? Fouls, Possession, Disqualification?

5. A1 is fouled by B1 while Team A is in the bonus. The R is at the table reporting the foul when A1 is charged with a Tech Foul by U1 for unsporting behavior. This is A1’s fifth foul. How do we proceed? Order? Shooters? Possession? Resume play how and where?