2013 – Quiz 3

By Dennis Morris

This is Quiz 3 of the 2013-14 baseketball season. Click here to view a PDF of the quiz along with the answers.

1. Prior to a throw‐in on the end line under A’s basket, A1, A2, and A3 line up shoulder‐to-shoulder parallel to the end line (a)within 3 feet of the end line (b) more than 3 feet from the end line. In both cases Team B requests a space between the Team A players. What do we permit Team B to do? (c) What do we do if the Team A players line up tightly perpendicular to the end line and the Team B players request a position between them.

2. Team A is awarded a throw-in near the division line. The administering official by mistake puts the ball at B1’s disposal to throw in. B1 completes the throw-in and Team B subsequently
scores a basket. How do we handle this?

3. A1 attempts a try after ending the dribble. The attempt is an “air ball” and touches nothing. A1 is a great hustler, he runs and is able to catch the ball before it strikes the floor. The official calls traveling on A1. Is the official correct?

4. A1 is fouled by B1. A1 is angered and retaliates by then pushing B1. How do we proceed?