2015-16 Quiz 2 with answers

By Dennis Morris

This is Quiz 2 of the 2015-16 baseketball season.

1. When does a throw­-in begin? When does a throw­-in end?

When the ball is at the disposal of a player of the team entitled to it. P. 40 4-42-3

The passed ball touches or is legally touched by another player inbounds; The passed ball touches or is touched by another play out-of-bounds. (What is the one exception?) p. 52 7-6-7; The throw-in team commits a throw-in violation. P. 40 4-42-5

2. At what times is the ball at the disposal of a player for a throw­-in?

Handed to the player; Caught by the player after being bounced to him/her; Placed at a spot on the floor.

3. In what situations should you administer the ball by handing it or bouncing it to a player for a throw­-in?

Sideline- bounce; End Line- hand; End Line going full-court- bounce

4. True or False. A throw-­in spot is 3 ft wide by 2 ft deep?

False- 3ft wide with no depth limitation. P.40 4-42-6

5. The ball is handed to the wrong team for a throw-­in. What is the time frame that this can be corrected?

When an official administers a throw-in to the wrong team, the mistake must be rectified before the throw-in ends. P.53 7-6-6

6. When does team control begin on a throw­-in? What is the ruling for an offensive personal foul on team A during a throw­in if both teams are in the bonus?

When a player of a team has disposal of the ball for a throw-in. p. 30 4-12-2d. No free throws are awarded, team B has spot closest to the foul for throw-in.

7. Team A has a throw-in at half court. A1 commits a foul under the basket against team B. Where will team B have a spot for the throw­-in?

Designated out-of-bounds spot throw-in nearest the foul.
p. 52 7-6-4

8. Prior to a throw­-in on the end line near A’s basket, A1, A2 and A3 line up shoulder­ to­ shoulder parallel to the line and: (a) within 3 feet of it; or (b) more than 3 feet from it. In both cases, Team B requests space between the Team A players. How do you rule in both cases?

In (a), the request is granted and a Team B player may position between each of the team A players. In (b), the request is denied. p. 60 case 7-6-5. In (b), teammates shall not occupy adjacent positions which are parallel to and within 3 feet of the boundary line if an opponent desires one of the positions. The 3-foot restraining line is sometimes the temporary boundary line. p. 53 7-6-5

9. How would you call the following during a throw-in by A1. (a) B1 crosses the boundary­line plane (b) B1 makes contact with the ball, which knocks it out of A1’s hand (c) B1 makes contact with A1’s arm.

(a) A team warning for delay (one delay warning per team per game) p. 57. (b) A technical foul shall be charged to the offender (No warning for delay required) (c) An intentional foul shall be charged to the offender (No warning for delay required

10. During a throw­-in by A1, A1 steps on the out of bounds line before ending the throw­-in. Is this legal?

Legal – page 30 → boundary line – the inside edges of these lines define the inbounds and out of bounds areas. You can’t cross over the line.

11. Following a goal by A1 the ball is inadvertently deflected away from the baseline with the clock running late in the game. Team B is down 2 points. Ruling?

Case Book – page 35 → the official shall signal for the clock to be stopped. The throw-in begins and the ball becomes live when it is at the disposal of team B.

12. Following a goal by A1, B1 is instructed by the coach to not pick up the ball allowing the clock to run. Team B is up 2 points. Ruling?

Case Book – page 35 → The throw-in begins and the ball becomes live when it is available to B1 and the official begins the throw-in count (do not wait).